Informed Pregnancy
Online pregnancy and parenting community. Informative articles on pregnancy, labor and delivery, postpartum and baby care. Honest documentaries on the rapidly changing world of modern childbirth. Entertaining and empowering podcasts covering today’s most pressing topics for new and expectant parent.

Berlin Wellness Group
Berlin Wellness Group was founded by Dr. Elliot I. Berlin, DC and Dr. Alyssa D. Berlin, PsyD  to promote naturally comfortable and healthy pregnancy, labor, delivery and postpartum experiences.  In addition to expectant moms, we offer our award winning services to mommies, daddies and partners and kiddies of all ages.

My Birth Movie
Jodie Myers is a Los Angeles based filmmaker specializing in birth, newborns & families.

Soft Slumbers
Kathleen Sullivan CD, CPDT is a Postpartum Doula / Infant Specialist / Baby Nurse / Night Nurse Services in Los Angeles, CA

Association for Wholistic Maternal and Newborn Health
A  501 (c) (3) non-profit public charity 509 (a) (2) located in Los Angeles, CaliforniaComprised of a volunteer team of maternity care  professionals, they  are working to improve pregnancy outcomes and  the experience of childbirth for all women.

Cord Blood Banking.

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