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Newborn photography became very popular in the past ten years. Photographs of adorable sleeping babies in the first few days of their lives are so precious that expecting parents sometimes start to inquire and book a photographer in their first trimester. Having a custom artwork that features your perfect little baby is an amazing family heirloom, specially considering how quickly newborns change. But there are a few ways to make it even more special.

If you are having a newborn session, have a family portrait captured! As gorgeous as the individual newborn portraits are, you can only really tell how tiny the baby is, when parents are holding him or her. And, as much as you love your brand new little baby, the family portrait will probably be the one your child will truly cherish when he or she grows older. Imagine yourself having a photograph with your own parents when you were only a few days old. Wouldn’t that be magical? I think you would have that photograph proudly displayed somewhere in your home. And I know that most brand new mamas don’t really feel like being photographed only a few days after giving birth and caring for a newborn baby day and night, but do it for your little one and a professional photographer will know how to capture you in the most beautiful way.

Another way you can create an heirloom for your baby, is by writing a message, note, or a letter. How would you feel as an adult if you had a note or a letter that your parents wrote to you when you were a newborn? I always think it would be incredible to know what they felt like back then, what emotions they were going through, what their favorite thing was about me, what their hopes and dreams were at that time. Reading something that was written for you in the past feels truly extraordinary.

Couple of years ago I started suggesting the new parents who’s newborns I photographed to do this for their baby’s album, to write a note. They handwrite a note, and then I scan it into their baby’s photo album, and I usually place it right next to their very first family portrait where mom and dad are holding their tiny little newborn. Since then the fine art albums became the most requested product for my newborn sessions. Parents still get beautiful wall portrait collections to display in their home and enjoy it, but they get the album for their baby. Some keep it as an 18th birthday present, others order an extra parent’s copy that they can enjoy now, and I have some parents ordering an album for every milestone they have a portrait session for, and write a note for each book.

Newborn family portrait

“You were created with so much love my little Vivi. Mommy loves you.”

I think these are one of the sweetest memories you can create for your child. When he or she is 40, 50, 60 years old, these will probably be some of the favorite things he or she would have as a memory of you. Don’t put off your plans to get a family portrait. Sometimes years pass by and things are still not ideal. We all have an extra pound we wont to lose, there is always so much going on in our busy lives, but now is the perfect time! We have no idea what tomorrow is going to bring.

And write letters to your children. Write them before they are born, after they are born, when they say their first word, after you drop them off at school for the first time, or just when you feel proud of them. Let this be an insight to your love for them. Make these a family tradition.

The photos in this post are of beautiful baby-girl Vivienne. I chose to feature her session as a part of this post because she has a photograph with her mommy and daddy, and above is a page from her photo album with the notes they wrote for her. You can find few fragments of their beautiful words in the video below. Vivienne’s mama also wrote a review about their photography experience with me. If you would like to read it, it’s on the testimonials page on my website.

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Yelp review from Vivienne’s mommy. Sadly Yelp put it in the filtered section, but you can still see it there. And, you can find more newborn photography reviews on my website.

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