Ani is an amazing photographer and a wonderful person. We hired her to take photos of our newborn baby and they couldn’t have turned out any better. She even designed a beautiful portrait wall for us. Being a new mom, as excited as I am about it, the last thing I would want to do, only a few days after giving birth, is plan a portrait session trip, put it together, and than decide on which photos to choose. Ani didn’t only come out to my house, but she helped me with everything else. It was so nice to actually hire a professional who wants to help you and not make your life more difficult. I have to say that I was very nervous about trusting a stranger with my 6 day old newborn baby, but Ani was so gentle and caring that after 5 minutes of being around her I was in complete ease. Also, I’m a nurse so I was very impressed how clean and thoughtful she was about everything. She even brought a heater with her to heat the area where she set up to take the photos. I very much appreciate all her efforts in putting my baby’s safely and well being above everything else. It is needless to say that I am very happy with the work she did. She provided outstanding customer service. And her photos are breathtaking. She didn’t just deliver as promised, but she exceeded our expectations, and I would recommend her to anyone!
Kaitlin P.

I couldn’t have been happier with my experience with Ani. She was so sweet and patient with my son. She was very professional and I felt so comfortable with her handling my newborn baby! Her pics are gorgeous and I would absolutely refer her to anyone.
Shauna W.

We had the best experience with Ani! She is so talented and friendly and just great at what she does. She is a true artist! Ani photographed our 20 month twin babies.  Even though our daughter spent two hours running away from her, Ani managed to capture our sweet little (feisty) girl in the most beautiful photographs.  She did not mind when our son grabbed daddy’s camera and was playing with it refusing to give it back. Ani made it a part of the session and had fun with it, creating the best photographs of our son. Despite all sorts of toddler drama, Ani patiently captured our twin toddlers in their truest and most honest forms. Their personalities shine through on the photographs!  What we love about each of our children are staring back at us in Ani’s portraits. We will forever see our son’s kindness and sweet happy and playful spirit in his photographs and our daughter’s timeless and feminine spirit and deep emotions. What an amazing family heirloom to take with us throughout our lives, and those of our children and grandchildren down the line.  We are so grateful for these memories and to Ani for creating them.  We are also grateful that she travels to her clients’ chosen location. We chose the same location where we took our wedding photos, and we will forever cherish our children’s photos taken in the same location where mommy and daddy captured the start of their life together. Ani also sat with us patiently while we chose our favorite photographs to order. It was a slow process because there were so many beautiful photos.  Ani did not mind and enjoyed selecting our photos. After the photos were ready, Ani personally delivered them in the most beautiful box with a red bow.  The entire experience was beautiful, start to finish.  Ani, thank you for coming into our lives!
Armineh M.

Working with Ani was a pleasure! She is so personable, and was great with our kids. We appreciated her professionalism and dedication to making this an experience that catered to our needs/preferences and importantly, to producing great photos. Ani is very patient – which is much appreciated when you’re working with kids 🙂 Ani goes the extra mile to get good shots, and is thoughtful of the elements that affect quality. Her turnaround time for proofs and delivery of products was awesome! All in all she exceeded our expectations!
Ruth K.

Very pleasant experience. Ani, you are very friendly, professional, and deliver as promised. That’s hard to find these days… My wife was happy, and I was happy. Overall, it was fun. Thank you, Ani.
Garen T.

Our family’s experience with Ani (A.T. Studios) was delightful. We felt so comfortable, it was like we were family. She was so creative with things in our home that it quickly became a photo studios. The final product was amazing! It was better than we imagined. Thanks  Ani!
Kisha F.

Ani is fantastic!  I know she typically works with young children, but she was marvelous when it came to photographing my brother and me (both adults).  The project started as a birthday present for my mom and when I got the prints back, I just HAD to get a secret surprise Christmas present for her as well.  Every shot looked amazing (seriously, it was insanely difficult to choose which ones to have printed).  I would recommend her to anyone looking to have a warm, beautiful family photo taken.  Her experience behind the camera and her love of her craft shows through in every breathtaking shot.
Ashley W.

Ani is great with kids, so patient and entertaining! The day of our photos, I was sick and my daughter was overtired and cranky but Ani was patient and calm and just kept trying to capture some good shots. My daughter (11 months) was just interested in 1) crawling away 2) grabbing the camera or 3) knocking down the tripod and giant silver light reflecting thing. I was surprised how nice the pictures turned out when I saw the final product and ordered a bunch to share with family and friends.  She also offers beautiful custom frames for the photos.
Karen K.

Would like to Thank Ani for all of her great communication before and during the photo shoot! She has an eye for photography and captured very special moments/photos of my pregnancy and of my precious little girl (big sister). Thank You Ani!
Vanessa M.

I would like to thank Ani for doing a great job taking pictures of our little princess. She captured many special moments of our 14 day old newborn baby-girl at the time. Thank you very much, looking forward for you to capture many more wonderful moments of our Emily!!!! Thank you Ani, job very well done!
Anahit T.

I could not be happier with how the photos of my girls came out! I was a little skeptical that the photos were going to be taken inside my home – I didn’t think there was an appropriate space for the photos. However, Ani’s decisions on where to take the photos were perfect and everyone thinks the photos were taken at a studio. Also, my 2-year-old and 6-month old were both sick the day of the photos, but Ani did not let that stop her from doing her job. She was great with both my girls and captured images of them that I absolutely fell in love with. The photos are amazing and beautiful. I will recommend her to anyone looking for a family photographer.
Jilllian M.

I recently used Ani for a photo shoot. She exceeded my expectations on all levels, and the final products were amazing. I would definitely recommend her to my family and friends. She is such a lovely person and a talented photographer!
Lesley F.

Ani thank you for the memorable photos you took of my daughter, they turned out very beautiful. I know it’s not easy working with a one year old, but you were so patient and kind. Thank you again for your time and hard work.
Helga A.

Thank you Ani for the wonderful photography experience. You made me feel so comfortable in front of the camera that I forgot it was even there. I also keep thanking my friend Debora for referring me about you, I would never have thought about having a maternity photo session if it weren’t for her, and I can’t imagine doing it with any other photographer. As for the photos, I keep staring at them, that’s how beautiful they are. Thank you so much for everything.
Anna K.


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15 thoughts on “TESTIMONIALS

  1. Our family booked Ani for a photo shoot at Descanso Gardens. Although my kids were causing havoc she remained calm and professional at all times. She was very clear in detail from the beginning and walked me through the process of what to expect and what to do the day of. She also emailed me a long list of things to make sure of before the photo shoot. It was very helpful. When she arrived at our house with the pictures and slideshow she took our breath away! Her work is AMAZING!!! She is a true professional and I cannot wait to recommend her to friends and family!

  2. LUV, LUV, LUV the work Ani did. I cried when I saw the results and, by coincidence, the slide show was playing our favorite song. I had to see it over and over until our viewing session was over. 🙂 Amazing results. What I appreciated the most was the way she handled Emma (20 days old) with such care, as though she was a porcelain doll. I can’t wait to share the photos with my family. I know they will fall in love with each and every photo I share. Priceless. Thank you Ani for capturing the moment and making our hearts glow. Look forward to our next session. Hopefully a family one!!

  3. Ani was great! She came out to our house, which was so nice because I was nervous to travel with an 8 day old baby. She took some beautiful shots, and even included our dog in some of the photos. We are very happy with the pictures of our little girl, thanks Ani!

  4. We had a wonderful, family photo session with Ani. Her professionalism created a warm and comforting environment for our family. Our kids fell in love with Ani and that made our experience even more pleasant. We loved all our pictures and received many compliments from family and friends. Thanks Ani!

  5. Ani is such a talented and dedicated photographer…. She was very sweet and caring toward my baby (who was a little fussy picture day). Her shots were marvelous and beautiful… I definitely recommend her for a photographer!!

  6. It was a total coincidence that Ani and I met but as faith would have it I was looking for a photographer at the time. One look at Ani’s work and I knew she was exactly the kind of photographer I was looking for, not to mention how detailed and professional she was before the shoot. She emailed me everything I needed for the shoot, which was a huge help. She was so patient and sweet with my daughter. The shoot went better than I could have imagined and the photos were to die for. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for capturing my daughters personality in the beautiful pictures. You exceeded my expectations and beyond!

  7. Ani was wonderful and did such an amazing job photographing my new baby. She spent so much time making sure that she got beautiful pictures, even when my baby was not too cooperative. She was patient and kind to him, and was so gentle which put me at ease. I am so very thankful to have the announcements, photographs and album which I will cherish forever.

  8. Working with four little active and inpatient kids can be a challenge even for the most experienced photographer. But Ani did an excellent job!!! She was able to capture great moments, unfold each child’s personality and character and… thanks to her amazing job right at this moment I’m enjoying her great art on my wall and I love every single picture! It was a great pleasure and unforgettable experience. She also helped me a lot with choosing the pictures for print and sizes. I loved working with Ani and hope to work with her again! Anush K.

  9. Ani was the perfect choice for my newborn portrait session. I was most impressed with Ani’s professionalism and expertise in handling my newborn baby girl and a tired new mom :). Giselle even gave Ani a few little potty surprises during the shoot, but none of it phased her. Even more, the pictures were fantastic! They are gorgeous. I would highly recommend Ani and I will definitely be calling her for my future photo sessions. Thanks Ani!

  10. It was so wonderful working with Ani! She had so much patience even though our baby was crying non-stop. On top of it all she was still able to capture some great shots. I highly recommend her and would use her services again!

  11. Ani is an amazing photographer. We had a wonderful experience having Ani taking some tremendously precious moments of our family together ….Ani is sooo professional and she is sooo hard working. she knew exactly when to take the right “click” for our 1 year old first birthday and first professional photo shoot.
    Ani is soo natural with her calm demeanor and down to earth personality that one feels so comfortable working with her.

    I would recommend ani to anyone who believes that they should have memories captured through a lens.


  12. I reached out to Ani to take photos of my first niece. I wanted to give this gift to my Brother and Sister-in-law to capture Arabella as a newborn. Ani was prompt, professional and great to work with. She came highly recommended from my Aunt and I’m so glad she was the person that took the first photos of my niece. She was really patient during the photo session and really took her time to ensure Mom and baby were comfortable. Newborns are delicate and it takes a very special person to have the patience for them during a photo session. She didn’t rush and ensured Arabella was fed, warm and happy. I highly recommend Ani and I look forward to the next time my family can work with her.

  13. Ani was the best! She sent us some preparation suggestions so we’d be ready. She arrived on time, bringing every kind of equipment that might be needed to photograph our family of 6. Her suggestions made the whole session fun and worthwhile. The finished portraits are now hanging proudly in our home. I highly recommend her to anyone wanting quality photographs of their families!

  14. I have never liked having my picture taken! Although I perform on stage, I get so self conscious in front of a camera that I stiffen and look awkward, which is quite authentic because I FEEL awkward taking photos. Then when I look at the finished photo, it doesn’t really look like me (I hope I don’t look that stiff!) and I end up not showing it to anyone. But Ani’s gentle urging and non-pressure style helped me to relax and when I did start to stiffen, she got real with me and called me on it in a way that helped me to laugh and loosen up. She allowed me to be open and be vulnerable because I trusted that she was going to help me show my authentic best. I love how she captured the best that I am and I’m proud to display my headshots anywhere I need to.

  15. I and my husband could not ask for a better photographer for our one year old girl and for our one week old son. Ani did an amazing job working with them. She was so carrying, detailed, patient and most importantly she was photographing them with full of love. I could not be more happier that I chose Ani as our photographer. She captured extraordinary pictures that will be hanging in our house forever:). Thank you again Ani and hopefully we can capture many more memories along the way.

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