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Every year for the past six years I go to the WPPI (Wedding and Portrait Photographers International) convention, which is one of the biggest portrait photography associations and conventions in the world. I spend the first day or two of the week-long convention watching the international portrait competition judging. Some of the best photographers in the field form a panel of six judges and critique thousands of the most beautiful photographs submitted from around the world. The critique that takes place in those rooms is quite brutal and I always found it to be one of the best educational resources. Every year I would sit there and take notes on what to do and what not to do, while judges would take apart someones beautiful photograph and critique on things that weren’t even visible to my eye at the time. Then I would review those notes while looking through my portfolio and I would critique my own work. This helped me recognize the things I needed to work on in order to improve my craft.

Even though I love watching the judging, I never had a real urge to submit my work. That is until this year, when I made new friends at the convention who enter almost every prestigious competition to collect awards. And, of course, they talked me into submitting.

I am very excited to announce, that I am now an international award winning portrait photographer. It is very gratifying to be able to say that. All four of my photographs got awarded. Three of those are newborn portraits and the forth one is a maternity photograph. It is very satisfying to know that my artwork meets the highest standards of international professional portrait photography.

I have to say, however, that at the end of the day, what matters most, is that mom and dad really love the photos I capture of their little one. That’s where I get the biggest joy for what I do. I feel so proud when parents get emotional seeing their baby’s photographs for the first time, when I see their excitement and how in love they are with the results. That’s what gives me the biggest validation for my work!

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Zuzana’s Family and Baby Photography Session | Family photography Los Angeles

Baby Photographer Los Angeles

Such a beautiful, kind, and fun family! This session started up by being a one year and a cake smash baby photography session for Giana’s first birthday. But since Zuzana is expecting, we decided to do a family session and in the meantime capture this beautiful milestone in their lives. At that time, their family and friends didn’t know that they are expecting a baby-boy. I was one of the first to find out, and I was so excited, that I designed a little announcement card for them to post on their Facebook page. It said “It’s a boy.” Cute! Don’t you think? 🙂 You can see the card in the images below.

Can’t wait till their newborn photography session. When I meet the family while they are expecting, meeting and photographing their newborn is very special to me.

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Anahid’s Maternity Portrait Session

I love maternity photography sessions. To me expecting mommies are the most beautiful women, and photographing them at this very special time in their life is pure joy.

Can’t wait to meet their new baby girl!

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Armine’s Maternity Photography Session in Los Angeles CA

Was such a pleasure photographing this beautiful couple, Armine and Martin, at such wonderful time in their life! I want to congratulate them again on becoming parents and wish their little family lots of love, health and happiness! I also got to meet and photograph their little princess Amy! I posted a sneak peak photo of her on Facebook recently, she is so adorable!

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Vanessa’s Maternity Boudoir Photography Session in Los Angeles CA

Vanessa originally hired me for a boudoir photo session. But when the time came to schedule it, she told me it wasn’t quite going to be a boudoir session anymore because she was now expecting. I suggested to have a boudoir maternity portraits session, and she got very exited with the idea. She got her hair and make-up done, picked out her cute little outfits, and we took these gorgeous photos of her. I am truly honored to have documented this important milestone in her life.

On September 11th she gave birth to a beautiful baby-girl Hayden. There were some complications during the labor and Hayden had to go stay in the NICU. When the time came for Vanessa to be discharged, she couldn’t take her little girl with her. As of today, Hayden is still under the intensive care of doctors. But she is getting stronger with every day and will soon join her mommy in her new home. I wish this baby-girl a very strong health, and her mommy lots and lots of strength and patience!

( Newborn and Maternity Photography Los Angeles)

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