Vanessa’s Maternity Boudoir Photography Session in Los Angeles CA

Vanessa originally hired me for a boudoir photo session. But when the time came to schedule it, she told me it wasn’t quite going to be a boudoir session anymore because she was now expecting. I suggested to have a boudoir maternity portraits session, and she got very exited with the idea. She got her hair and make-up done, picked out her cute little outfits, and we took these gorgeous photos of her. I am truly honored to have documented this important milestone in her life.

On September 11th she gave birth to a beautiful baby-girl Hayden. There were some complications during the labor and Hayden had to go stay in the NICU. When the time came for Vanessa to be discharged, she couldn’t take her little girl with her. As of today, Hayden is still under the intensive care of doctors. But she is getting stronger with every day and will soon join her mommy in her new home. I wish this baby-girl a very strong health, and her mommy lots and lots of strength and patience!

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Valentines Day Gift for Him

The longer we are in a relationship with the man we love, the more difficult it is to come up with a perfect gift for him. We try to be personal, original, and creative, and we definitely don’t want to repeat ourselves. If it’s for his birthday, or Christmas, or father’s day, we can get away with something we bought at the department store. But it isn’t as easy when it comes to Valentines Days and Anniversaries…  We can’t celebrate our love by buying him cologne, or a sweater… no matter how much he likes that brand.

It’s not easy for men either. Of course they can always get us a beautiful flower bouquet, and a delicate jewel… and let’s be hones, no girl will say “no” to that, but deep inside we wish that maybe he will go for an extra mile and do that special thing that we’ve been wanting for so long. Or if not that, than maybe he will surprise us with something extraordinary…

I want to make life a little easier for you ladies this year and give you a creative solution. I will even help you execute it!

What can be more special to him than you…? He is the ONE who knows you from head to toe, and loves you for who you are!!! If you trusted him your heart, than he is well worthy of taking care of the rest of it. Have a Boudoir photo session and celebrate what he is in love with. Than watch his surprised and loving face, when he unwraps and flips trough the pages of the album with beautiful and sensual photos of you in it. Imagine what a memorable gift it would make… how special it could make that day… and how much, you and him both, would enjoy looking at those beautiful pictures even twenty or thirty years from now…!

What gift can be more personal than this? You are the core essence of you relationship. You don’t have to bring something from outside in order to celebrate your love. Keep it close, keep it personal, make it special!

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Yvettes Wedding Gift to her Fiance

I love boudoir gift sessions, there is so much love, excitement, and emotion going on during the shoot. It’s double the fun. The lady has a chance to celebrate her beauty and sensually for herself, and in the main time prepare the most personal gift for the man she is so in love with. It’s all about capturing that love and connection while having only one person in front of the camera.

Yvette’s session was a wedding gift to her fiance. We had the session at the SLS Hotel on her birthday, two weeks before they got married. She decided to take a day off from all the worries of the wedding preparation and enjoy that special time in her life. I am happy I was there to share that special time with her, and to capture these beautiful images of her for her husband. I wish you guys an amazing journey together!

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